» Pokemon Go incites a 136% increase in PokePorn consumption on PornHub

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views: 414 publish: July 12, 2016

Yes, it would appear that desire for Pokemon takes many forms these days. For some, merely catching ‘em all isn’t quite enough. For these Pokefans, being a Pokemon Master entails a bit more than hunting through tall grass for next Weedle or Rattata. That’s why PornHub isreporting a 136 percent increase in searches for “Pokemon” since Pokemon Go launched last week.


That’s right. People just can’t get enough of these furry little friends lately. In a report published alongside information provided by Mashable, Pornhub showcased a breakdown of the data and noted that they expect this trend to only increase as Pokemon Go continues to be rolled out to worldwide markets.

So who exactly is consuming all this Rule 34 Pokemon material? Evidently, Central American male Android users aged 18-24. This is, of course, a vast oversimplification of the data, but PornHub is reporting that men are 62 percent more likely to search for Pokemon porn than women, and that Android users are 51 percent more likely to seek out Pikachu strange than iOS users. Surprising absolutely no one, 18-24 year olds are 336 percent more likely to slake their lust for Pokemon than other age groups.


Bolivia, Peru, and Chile top the charts in terms of PokePorn popularity per country. In fact, after adjusting for population size, most of the top 20 countries in this dataset are from Central and South America.