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views: 422 publish: July 18, 2016

Androids are heavily customizable, and deploy tons of developers’ option. Despite this, users have always felt the lack of a solid app for screen-sharing of their device with other Androids, like in Team Viewer or in Skype on Windows.
There are a bunch of apps available that can handle this task to an extent, but none of them arrives hassle-free. But thanks to a new app called Inkwire, we can perform screen-sharing tasks on Android without any complications.
Inside the app, users can start the screen-sharing of their devices so easily with just the push of a button, and this will be followed by the generation of a twelve-digit code The other user can have the screen-sharing fetched to their Android by simply inputting the generated code on the other device.


Inkwire is the brainchild of Koushik Dutta, the developer of some other popular apps like Vysor, AllCast etc. The app helps users transform live visuals of an Android to another Android device using the same app. Unlike its previous apps, Inkwire also doesn’t require ADB or computer to trigger the screen-sharing.

However, this also means that there’s no support for touch and keyboard actions between the device. But Inkwire is planning to tackle it down by enabling drawing over the screen to show the remote user where to touch. It will also pack an in-app voice chat option through which communication between the users can be facilitated.

If Inkwire is able to provide a smooth and intuitive but also secure experience, it may shift the paradigm of troubleshooting your Android device. No longer will you have to walk around your neighborhood, looking for a phone repair shop, as many things could be done virtually.

Although we don’t know the official release date for the app just yet, Koush promises that the beta link is coming soon to this community page for Inkwire.