» Adobe Photoshop Mix a major update, unlimited selective looks and more

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views: 410 publish: July 20, 2016

Today, Adobe announced a big update to its quick image editing tool, Photoshop Mix. With this new version 2.0 update, you can expect better image tools, general improvements to the software, and much more.

Version 2.0 of Photoshop Mix brings the ability to combine up to five layers, allowing you to create more complex images. Previously the app only allowed users to combine two layers, so this update should appease users. Adobe has also added more sophisticated blending modes. You’ll now be able to control layer opacity to make your photos look either more realistic or more artistic.

Unlimited selective looks (filters) can now also be applied to pictures. Selective looks have the ability to change the white balance, exposure, saturation, and so on to the image. An example of this is “Sepia” or “Portrait”. In Photoshop Mix, you can apply these to the whole layer or just parts that you want with the brush tool. With the update, you now have the freedom to do as many selective looks as you want, allowing for infinite possibilities.

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Perhaps the most notable feature in this update is the ability to open files from Creative Cloud, Lightroom mobile or CC libraries. This allows users to import and export full PSDs to Photoshop Mix and back to Photoshop CC on the desktop, as well as open Photoshop Mix files in apps like Photoshop Fix.

Along with these updates, Photoshop Mix allows for a bit of fun with photos while on the go. You are able to select parts of your images and cut them out. Once done you can combine them, apply effects and share them on social media or continue to edit them on your desktop in the new update. Keep in mind these changes are non destructive, so if you mess up there is no need to worry as the original image was not harmed.

Now you can download to experience the new features of the Adobe Photoshop Mix.